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What is it with Japan? Mysterious land of things small and perfectly formed – haiku, bonsai, sumo … ok, so sumo is the exception (and more than balances out the distilled essence of the poet and the plant!) 

Hello again, welcome to the much-anticipated second installment of The Friday Haiku .  Well last week was definitely a tease, as I mentioned the ultimate expression of minimalism: a one-word haiku.  Brace yourselves, for here it is:


Cor van den Heuvel (Curbstones, 1998)

What a sublime haiku!  So evocative, with the merest hint or sense of season, it is wistful, epic, expansive, remote, vital, romantic, bracing, it hints at ‘survival’; there are just so many emotive reactions from a single, perfectly formed image.  I dare you to ponder that one word for a time and not conclude as I have… the Dilettante thinks it is a haiku masterpiece

A one-word masterpiece?  Yes!

(This raises some very interesting questions about ‘authorship’ – it reminds me of the race of painters to minimalise everything down to the blank white canvas).

What do you think? 

The D!


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